10 Ways to Say ‘I love you, Mom’ this Mother’s Day

Ode to Mom

She memorizes the beat of your heart and she acts as its guard.
She knows the shape of your tears and she carries the light that guides you in the pathway of your years.
our laughter is the sound that tickles her ears, and she’s never not there in the midst of your fears.
She serves as your armor against the agony of your throes.
She is the warm place when you’re cold, she is your star that glows.
When you are in pain, she may not say anything but her heart aches in a way she cannot explain.
And in your triumphant glory, the twinkle in her proud eyes rejoices in a frenzy.
For your soul that is weary, her nestling arms feel like rainbows, and your cheeks touched with soft kisses, much like of a rose.


Is there a greater love than of a mother’s? The most magical thing is that you don’t have to win your mother’s love.

Your mother instantaneously loved you from the moment she learned she’s expecting.

Oftentimes that you cannot find your balance, or you feel lost, a quiet conversation with Mom can be the only thing you need to recollect your senses.

Although it’s always easy to tell her that you love her, you want to express more of your appreciation to Mom; after all, actions speak louder than voice.

You wonder at times how you can ever repay her for all the love she has poured out even though she’s not expecting you to.

You want to treat your mother as the queen that she is; no matter how small you think your gestures may be, you surely can make her heart soar in the wind.

As the Mother’s Day approaches, we’re full of excitement to make this day a very special one for our special queen.

Rather, we can also celebrate it for a whole week, doing simple love gestures and make a grand one on the day itself.

She deserves to be spoiled and pampered by sharing activities with you and the time spent in a mother-child bonding is priceless.

Here are some tips on how you can say “I love you” to Mom in different ways. You may apply your personal touches and creativity to make her feel she’s one of a kind.

  1. Cook for Mom.

Surprise Mom by rising early and going to the market and prepare her favorite meal.

Plan ahead on the recipes. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but to mom, it will be.

You may want to grab a few dainty flowers on your way for the table setting.

  1. Take Mom to a facial and nail spa.

It’s a neutral bonding activity that can be done between moms and daughters or moms and sons.

Wouldn’t it be marvelous to enjoy the things she love together?

While on it, it’s a great time also to catch up or share stories in a relaxing way.

  1. Do Mom’s house chores for a whole day.

Tell Mom to let her hair down and put her feet up and binge on her favorite Netflix series, because you got this day!

It’ll be awesome to make freshly brewed iced tea for Mom while you’re at it.

Throw the laundry in the washer, dust off her figurines and hanged photo frames. Clean the mirrors and glasses and grab that broom and mop.

Treat it as your work out day and enjoy.

Mother's Day 10 ways | Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels | Palayan City

Do household chores for your mom this Mother’s Day | Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

  1. Offer Mom a head, hand and foot massage.

In the evening before she goes to bed, bring out her favorite aromatherapy oil and massage her.

You may not remember it but she most probably massaged you gently and lovingly when you were a baby.

The touch therapy is the most heavenly feeling in the world. Mom would surely love it.

  1. Wine and dine with Mom.

Tell Mom to put on her best dress and pearls, for you are going out on a sweet dinner date.

You can make reservations at her favorite restaurant or surprise her somewhere new and fancy that you scouted.

Treat Mom to her favorite sumptuous meal and dessert, and enjoy a fine bottle of wine afterwards.

Make Mom feel like she’s on a lavish night-out with her best friend.

  1. Surprise Mom with a special present.

Mom is stingy on herself, even if she has the money to spend, she always thinks about saving it and would rather spend it on you.

She may be eyeing a pair of pearl earrings, that Persian rug or a watch for some time that she badly wants but never buys.

What is something that your mother has been longing for some time?

  1. Plant for Mom.

Well, she may already have been caring for her existing plants, but you may want to make an addition to her garden like a flower plant piece that she doesn’t have yet.

A gift for a living thing to be nurtured is very special. It’s a symbol of one’s love as long as it’s thriving.

  1. Take Mom to a therapeutic walk.

Be it on a beach or a breezy park, hold her hand while on a stroll on a fine afternoon or evening.

Sometimes, Mom doesn’t know that she needs a long peaceful walk with you by her side, and the tranquil it brings her heart and soul, feeling the presence of her child by her side.

The exercise will keep her invigorated too.

  1. Treat Mom to a musical evening.

No one ever is not a lover of any music genre.

What’s your mom’s favorite musical group? What’s her preference?

You can search online for shows or concerts of popular orchestras or performances for schedules.

Mom deserves to enjoy this kind of privilege. Listening to her favorite live music and reminisce on an emotional journey with her favorite person.

  1. A memorabilia for Mom.

Honor her motherhood through a collection of old photos of your childhood with Mom in a large wooden frame.

From you and your siblings infancy and your graceful and fun developments or any achievements as a child to your graduation or perhaps, wedding photos.

It shows how you developed under the guidance and protection of your personal superhero – Mom.


As adults, we often complain about our responsibilities and obligations and we sometimes forget that our mothers might feel the same way but never voice it out.

We never truly know how she feels until we become parents ourselves, then we finally understand why she sometimes is hard on us.

It’s her protective maternal instinct.  The unconditional and eternal love and bond that she has for us.

Hug and kiss your Mom each day or any chance that you get, especially on her bad mood days.

Have a hearty laugh with Mom today. For Mom, every day is Mother’s Day.

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