Mayor Rianne Cuevas on Transforming Palayan into a Vibrant City

Palayan City, under the governance of Mayor Adrianne Mae “Rianne” Cuevas continuous to ascend.

Cuevas, now serving her second term as local chief executive, has continued to make history through her leadership into transforming Palayan City into a more refined city.

From the renovation of the City Hall to the rise of the Palayan City Business Hub, a P1.5-billion government-business hub under her political and administrative reforms, the city has improved its facade and the city’s business environment.

The IT hub is one of her accomplishments that benefits Palayanos. The city is now a house to multiple government offices.

“My vision is to make Palayan the government capital of the province,” said the hardworking mayor upon the completion of OSSCO-PCBH in a news published in the Philippine Star on March 30, 2017.

The city has increased the volume of visitors, employment and opportunities since then. “This IT Park, which is also a Special Economic Zone, serves as the catalyst of the much-awaited employment program of the great province of Nueva Ecija and our beloved city of Palayan,” she added.

Special Economic Zones (SEZ) are selected areas which have the potential to be developed into agro-industrial, industrial-tourist recreational, commercial, banking, investment, and financial center.

When Cuevas became mayor, she promptly worked on constructing barangay road infrastructures, with the help of her husband, as well as in the construction of the provincial capital, road pavements, deteriorating bridges and the provision of clean water.

With dwindling government funds due to the debts incurred by her predecessor, Mayor Cuevas was able to complete a road pavement project covering 20 kilometers through donations from generous supporters and barangay officials’ charitable contribution.

Many people support Mayor Cuevas advocacies, especially in social welfare and even in the well-being of the LGBTQ community, providing activities that support the movement. She showed the characteristic of a true and affectionate motherly leader.

Furthermore, she wanted to give back to the community through the services of Rianne Cares Foundation program by assisting the medical needs of Palayan’s indigents, respectively.

Health Foundation

The health care foundation (formerly known as Rianne Cuevas Holdings Inc.) was funded by Creative Pacific Corporation, a non-government social work organization.

With the health care program in partnership with three drugstores, namely: Emedsure Pharmacy in PCBH, Botika Gabriel in Barangay Caballero, and Power Pharma Drugstore in Barangay Caimito, 2,000 indigent cardholders with doctors’ prescriptions can avail of free generic medicines.

Apart from the generic medicines, the health cardholders are also entitled to milk formulas and food supplements in the list.

Cuevas’ charitable involvement in Palayan began even before entering politics.

Coming from a well-off family, Cuevas, who is a registered nurse, had started the foundation to help less fortunate people by assisting their medical needs. She improved people’s health care by renovating health centers and hiring doctors to attend to people round the clock.

More so, this foundation aids in nutrition programs as well as foundation education, employment opportunities, and scholarship programs.

Rianne Cares Foundation gives out scholarships for technical-vocational and collegiate courses to highly commendable students who are enrolled in schools at PCBH.

More Programs

Her optimism is leading Palayan into becoming one of the most modern and urbanized cities in Nueva Ecija and in Central Luzon.

Cuevas shared that being a mayor was more of an advocacy than a job.

True to her words and by setting a good example, she applies work values that are delivered with honesty and efficiency which also extend to the employees of city hall.

She aims to show companies and investors that their province is rich in talents that they need for their facilities.

Mayor Cuevas visualized Palayan’s educational institution as an appendage to the Government by applying educational programs that accentuate Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

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The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) accredited Palayan City Institute of Technology (PCIT) with the upgrade in its facilities and highly competent instructors.

PCIT is an LGU Run Skills Training Center, which endorses specialized training activities for TESDA accredited programs, in goals of cultivating aspiring Palayan students to acquire their targeted technological skills in a progressively method of learning.

Most importantly, schools in the city are now provided with computer laboratories for the enhancement of the students in technological skills.

The bearings of her initiative for a call center and English proficiency programs have bred Palayano graduates that sent off to jobs not only within the city but also to Clark in Pampanga, and in Tarlac and Manila, making Palayanos more competitive in their respective fields.

Moreover, not only that she has a soft heart for the children but also to the Palayan elderlies too. She urged the DWSD for their pension, provide PhilHealth insurance and honor them on their birthdays.

She also arranged a part of the municipal hall to become an Audio/Visual Room where the elderlies can watch free movie screenings every week.

Meanwhile, in Barangay Managahan, the city occupied a considerable portion of land to give informal settlers a chance to withhold their own land. This was the beginning of a housing system also applied to other barangays.

Clearly, Cuevas is giving Palayan a much needed makeover and her vision-mission is not stopping here.

The city’s anti-drug crusade, which holds an annual summit on how to battle substance abuse has long been going on since she took the seat. It was only during her term that the Philippine National Police praised Palayan for the most arrest and trial of drug dealers

Palayan City is gradually shifting into a more peaceful yet modernized city under the facilitation of Mayor Cuevas, attracting entrepreneurs not only from neighboring provinces but foreign investors as well.

We have yet to see more of Mayor Rianne’s upcoming projects and reforms at the ever-growing vibrancy of Palayan City, toward its success and overall economic progress.

Palayan City Vision

The vibrant capital city of Nueva Ecija as an investment-friendly, agro-industrial economy and disaster-resilient, a well-managed environment and an organized urban growth with good-loving, family-oriented, self-reliant, gender-sensitive, and dynamic Palayanos, guided by compassionate and strong-willed government.”

“Tungo sa bagong Palayan, now na!”

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