Working Moms: Taking A Break On Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies and mother figures out there!

We are sending out virtual flowers accompanied with hearts and good vibes full of love to all of you.

Most especially to you, working mom.

The juggle of having a job and managing a household is not something for the feeble.

Womanhood is intensified and at its mightiest when becoming a mother. She becomes a soldier, a source and protector of life.

It’s true how they wonder about a woman giving birth: “how are you able to do it?”

No one knows. All we know is that a woman is able to push a person out of her body and we take it for granted, oftentimes, disregard her hardships.

A woman’s form is truly an anatomically miraculous universe, no one can decipher it.

With respect to all the mother figures (some of them are fathers, grandparents or aunts/uncles), we understand that raising a child is a full hands-on task, and providing for their needs (and wants) at the same time is another thing.

The working mom is the result of an age-old seek for equality rights. She, therefore, is not restricted to the kitchen any longer.

She can, by all means, help her husband with financial matters; given that at this modern and fast-paced life, it has become necessary.

As aforementioned, she is not only a soldier and a protector, the modern mom, is also willingly, a provider.

Mothers are unbelievable superhumans. Even if she’s in the midst of doing something, her mind is eternally fixated on her child, it’s inevitable. She possesses a kind of implausible strength.

Even in her sleep, her dreams consist of her beautiful dreams for her child.

Mom, you deserve this break and do the things that you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Spend a whole day pampering yourself. Take a break from everything, take this time to march to the beat of your own drum.

Self-indulgence is not vanity, it’s self-care to remain sane from all the bittersweet chaos of running a household while maintaining a job.

Mom, you deserve a day of fun. Either with your fellow moms, your spouse or kids, take your mind off your work for a while.

Give yourself the best that you deserve.

Go dancing.

A super fun hobby that you might have forgotten. Do you remember the last time you went dancing with your friends? Care for a Samba night?

This day, probably after your Mothers’ Day celebration with your family, you can enjoy an amigas‘ night out, gather your mars and beshies or your colleagues even, and paint the town red!

Don’t stay out too late, though and make time for beauty sleep.

By Monday, you’ll surely be in an invigorated mood at work.

Visit the Museums.

The National Museum of National History Philippines and National Museum of Fine Arts have been renovated.

Have you seen them? They’re marvelous. This is a great mother-child bonding activity too.

Take a profound journey rediscovering the Philippines’ treasures, rich culture and history with your children.

Sparkle a conversation and share your experience with your colleagues at lunch break when you return to work.

Enjoy that hair salon treatment.

As well as those mani-pedi sesh. Go on and indulge in these acts of self-care. Your body is a temple and it deserves to be well-taken care of.

Mom, put your worries behind and get polished like a red, ripe, freshly-picked apple from a tree. Your being a working mom doesn’t mean that you’d stop taking care of your appearance.

You might be find a Mother’s Day spa package and discounts at your favorite salon. Go for it!

Your fresh look will be a good vibe-setter at the office.

Go to the beach!

The Sun, the sand and the Sea are among life’s simple pleasures. Enjoy a day at your favorite resort and bask in the sunshine and salty wind.

It’s Summer anyway and the barefoot walk on the beach is very therapeutic while listening to the cradling sound of the waves, taking your mind off the hustle-bustle in your life.

Going somewhere far from home is good for the soul. Take a vacation once in a while and go back to work with a refreshed mind.

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Not a fan of long travels? Staycation is hip and happening! Especially for Mothers’ Day, hotels have packages to cater to this special occasion.

Book an overnight stay at one of the Philippines’ posh hotels and live like a queen that you are for a day.

Most five-star hotels offer a buffet breakfast and use of their pool, if you just want to linger and delight in a piña colada.

They also offer a massage therapy and houses one or two bars that you can wine the evening into.

Join an art class.

Get your creative juices flowing.

You might just love it and develop it into a weekly hobby.

A painting or a drawing class can help break the normal routine of your work-home life cycle.

It’s undeniable, the stress that you carry on your shoulders from being a working mom. The art class could be a breath of fresh air that you need.

You can search online for contacts that offers these classes and their schedules.

This weekly activity is usually done in clusters with different venues and professors. It’s a great way to make new friends too, while you’re at it.

Creating another world outside work and family is beneficial to your well-being.


Yoga has long become a very popular sort of exercise, both for the body and mind.

Take advantage of this time to stretch out your muscles and joints and calm your mind with breathing exercises that goes along with it.

Find a serene spot in your home and meditate.

Sip a cup of tea or bone broth. Take the time admiring your strengths and capabilities as a woman, every part of your body, from your fingertips to your toes.

Because every inch of you, inside and out, is a composition of your motherhood as a whole.

Put a halt in your worries that you might come off as selfish by devoting a day for yourself, for the truth is you’re just resetting to face, a yet another batch of demands from your family and your job.

It’s actually healthy for oneself to enjoy a day off, especially you, a working mom.

These are just some suggestions on how you can take a break for a day, or perhaps you’re a child yourself trying to look for ways on how to treat your mom to celebrate and bond this Mothers’ day.

If all else fails, by golly, you may do absolutely nothing.

Doing nothing is also doing something. Something for your spirit. A day in pristine solitude is as good as taking a vacation.

Perhaps you could turn off your phone and laptop, and devoutly decompress yourself throughout the day.

As a mother in an ambiguous position in the modern society, it’s a rarity having to do nothing.

However your sweet day may be planned, be it on your own or with your loved ones, be certain that it’s going to be well spent.

Enjoy your special day off, Supermom.

Thank you for being you and know how magnificent you are.

Happy Mother’s Day to all, especially to Palayan City Mayor Rianne Cuevas.

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