10 Environmental-Friendly Challenges At Work

Every day is Earth Day.

Last International Earth Day 2019, we published ways you could participant in the international event. This time we’re giving 10 environmental-friendly challenges when you’re at work.

Aside from all the stuff that we can do to save our planet through community work, we can also challenge ourselves to make a difference in our daily lives.

If you’re a working person, and you suppose that you don’t have the time to be a volunteer or to lead an organization, you can also help preserve the planet through your own little ways.

Are you up to this challenge? This might sound easier than done, but in a way, it’s a big step and somehow a little change of lifestyle into a more environmental-friendly one!

Are you ready?

  1. The hand towel challenge

All right, this one is easy as long as you remember to pack your own hand towels in your bags before going to work.

In our offices wash area, we often use paper towels or electric hand dryers that consume a lot of energy.

By having your own washable and reusable hand towels, you won’t be needing to use paper towels or that electric hand-dryer anymore. Doesn’t that sound awesome and eco-friendly?

Besides, you might also inspire your co-workers to do the same if they saw you doing that. Be the lead to that change.

  1. The carpool/commute/walk challenge

Do you drive a car to work? Why not organize a carpool with your officemates?

Why not assign each other on whose car you’re carpooling with on different days? This is a great way of conserving energy and also lessen the carbon dioxide emmision into the atmosphere.

Also, try to commute. Take the bus or the train. Your body is going to thank you for all the stairs you took to get to the train stations too. You will develop strength and stamina.

If you get off the bus or train and work is not that further away, like one to two blocks away, walk. It’s easier to take the tryke, but it’s also nice if people make a habit out of walking. It’s healthier too.

This one sounds difficult, but it won’t be in the near future if the majority of us practice this, imagine a much lesser air pollution in the environment that will benefit us and the next generations.

  1. The pack your own “baon” challenge.

This one demands a little bit of your prep time before going to work. All you have to do is a time-management adjustment.

It’s best if you prep your meals for the whole week (or maybe the night before), so you won’t have to worry about being late.

Preparing your own meals means you won’t have to buy take-outs from fast food chains or restaurants. Say “no” to plastic and styrofoam.

Do you know that you could also wash and reuse those ziplock sandwich bags? Yes, you can.

Besides, take outs means, paper and plastic waste. Enough said.

  1. The bring your own water bottle/coffee tumbler challenge.

Have you ever heard of the Filipino old phrase “ningas kugon”? It means being eager to start something but never really hold on to it after a while.

How many of us started buying cute water bottles and coffee tumblers that end up as a collection of clutter in a cupboard at home?

We have to stop doing that and put those bottles into use. You have to be strict on yourself on this.

Refill your water bottles at the office’s water dispenser and stop using plastic cups if you must.

Should you feel the need to buy your daily dose of brewed coffee, bring along your coffee tumbler and hand it to the barista for a fill.

  1. The bring your own metal straws/utensils/porcelain or metal chopsticks.

Again, as long as you don’t forget packing your own utensils in your bag before going to work, this is easy.

By bringing your own utensils all the time, we may never have to use plastic utensils and straws ever again.

  1. The daylight advantage challenge.

Does your office have large windows? Maybe, ditch the curtains or pull the blinds up to let the daylight in and conserve energy?

Sometimes, our eyes get irritated by the sunlight especially if you’re an indoor-type of person, but if you adjust to it, the daylight is more efficient than light bulbs.

Well, if your office space doesn’t have enough windows, you can replace your light bulbs into more energy-conserving ones.

The sunlight is a good energy-source for us humans too. You might be surprised how chirpy you can be at work with a little more sunlight.

  1. The air-conditioner challenge.

Yes, it’s hot, yes it’s summer and we can’t live without the air conditioner blasting cool air to the max, but here’s the thing: Hydrofluorocarbons or HFCs that air conditioners emit represent a small portion of total greenhouse gas emissions, but they trap thousands of times as much heat in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

Here’s the challenge: turn off the air conditioner two hours before the office closing time, or perhaps an hour and a half to decrease HFC emission, especially if your A/C hasn’t been maintained for a while, and of course to conserve energy.

It will still be cool inside the office after the A/C is turned off.

  1. The mini-potted plants challenge.

Do you think you’d be a great parent to a baby plant? Caring for a plant is not as easy as it looks but if you just try to keep it alive, it will give you a sense of accomplishment while helping the workplace get more oxygen.

There are a lot of indoor plants that you can decorate your workspace with, like the snake plant or aloe plant, or perhaps those cute little variety of cactus plants.

They require medium care and the small ones could look great on your desk and can add a refreshing vibe in your work area. Remember, when your eyes are tired from too much working, look at something green. Go green!

  1. The bring your own foldable and reusable extra bag.

…. at all cost. You never know when they will come in handy.

For example, you need to take home some paper works from the office, or let’s say, other stuff, like a gift from a co-worker or a “pasalubong”  from your boss who just came from an out of town convention, you won’t have to reach for a plastic bag. Simply whip out your reusable bag.

These reusable bags come in cute designs too and most of them are easy to wash and fast-drying.

  1. The segregation challenge.

In the office, we may not be aware of the amounts and kinds of trash that we accumulate in a day.

Since we are so consumed with our work, oftentimes we forget our mindfulness when it comes to our thrash.

Here’s an idea: sift your trash according to biodegradable and non-biodegradable. That simple.


There you go.

These little steps, when done individually, make a great change.

Try doing the challenges for a week, and if you’re up to it, continue for a month. After that, go on for another month and so forth until they become a part of your lifestyle.

Perhaps, some of us wouldn’t be able to stick to all these environmental-friendly challenges but achieving most of them is a huge step.

Remember to trust in yourself, and the things that you’re capable of doing to help conserve energy and save the environment.

Do you have any more ideas on how to save the environment? Share them with your workmates over breaktime.

As Michael Jackson once said in his song, “Make that change.”

Kath Borja
Content Writer

Kath Borja is a fanatic of Logic, Science, Arts and Literature. An advocate of peace and feminism. Moon worshipper. Writer, performance artist and master of ceremonies.

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