4 Reasons To Spend Holidays In Palayan City

Palayan City in Nueva Ecija is fast becoming a major business district with the opening of the Palayan City Business Hub (PCBH) recently. Not many people know however, that Nueva Ecija capital city can also be a destination for tourists who want to rest and have a bit of relaxation.

Here are four reasons to spend your vacation or holidays in Palayan City.

1. KAYAKING IN THE MAN-MADE LAKE. Situated inside the Fort Magsaysay Military Reservation, or Fort Mag as it is more commonly known, is a man-made lake called the Pahingahan Complex. The lake serves as a rest and recreation spot for the military personnel training inside Fort Mag, which is only a 30-minute ride from Cabanatuan City.

Aside from the military personnel, civilian visitors are also allowed to unwind and ride the kayaks in the lake. Schools of fish are also abundant in the man-made lake, making it very suitable for visitors to go fishing.

Fort Mag also boasts other facilities and amenities like bowling alleys, a swimming pool, where visitors can enjoy. Aside from kayaking and fishing, civilian guests are also allowed to go biking and trekking and enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.

2. ESCAPE THE BUSY STREETS AND THE LOUD HUSTLE AND BUSTLE OF THE CITY. Being largely an agricultural city, Palayan City still possesses the trait and characteristic of being a rural area. Lights are usually out early in the evening and people are already inside their houses by this time. Traffic is relatively very light even during rush hour (if there is such an hour), and everybody almost knows everybody, therefore limiting crimes and petty offenses in the street.

Life in Palayan City is generally calm, tranquil and peaceful as compared to the hurly-burly existence in the metropolitan area.

Unlike in the urban area where only the fittest survive and one need to be adapted to the dog-eat-dog lifestyle to stay alive, life in Palayan is a lot simpler and modest.

3. FEEL SOLEMNITY AT THE DIVINE MERCY PRAYER GARDEN. One of the most tranquil and peaceful places in Palayan City is the Divine Mercy Prayer Garden. The very serene garden is often visited by flocks of devotees who want to be reinvigorated and feel closer to the Lord. The garden is strategically situated in a mountainous area where one can view the sunrise as well as the sunset, making the spectator feel much closer to the Lord.

The garden also features Stations of the Cross with life-sized statues as well as a stone sculpture of the Divine Mercy.

The Divine Mercy Prayer Garden is also believed to have miraculous powers, which have healed several devotees who were diagnosed with severe illnesses.

Travel time from Manila is 3 hours via the NLEx, SCTEx and exit at TPLEx.

4. VISIT THE FIRST BUSINESS HUB IN NUEVA ECIJA. The Palayan City Business Hub or simply the PCBH is the fastest growing commercial area in Nueva Ecija. It not only caters to the business community but will also soon offer rest and recreation amenities of international caliber. Presently, the PCBH is house to two BPO buildings and a government center, which caters to the needs of the OFWs living in Nueva Ecija and nearby provinces. One of the newest restaurants in Palayan City named “Daily Hub Eats” is also already operational. (Remember to taste their inasal when you eat there.)

Palayan City Business Hub in Nueva Ecija

Palayan City Government Center and Central Business Hub is more known as Palayan City Business Hub.

The most modern and state-of-the-art hotel, Capital Hotel is expected to start operation inside the PCBH this January 2019.

The hotel will be the biggest and most cutting-edge in Nueva Ecija. It has a capacity of 75 rooms, and endowed with a swimming pool, fine-dining restaurants, and other amenities fitting a luxurious hotel.

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