5 Ways To Use Internet Wisely At Work

Most people who work for companies are faced with computers everyday, and it’s completely understandable that they also use the internet for personal matters like checking their social media accounts or communicating with their family and friends. As long as these online activities don’t affect their performance at work, most employers don’t have any issues with it.

Even though permitted to use the Internet at work for personal reasons, it should be limited and make use of it related to work. You may want to use it wisely for work to avoid making an irreverent impression with the company.


  • Research about your company background and history. Do some research and know more about how your company started, learn more how they started it and what their aims for the future are. In this way, you can talk to inquiring clients with confidence because you are in tune with your company goals.

You may also make it a habit to read news and updates about your company, so you’re always informed on the happenings. 

  • Security. Be responsible with your company policies about Internet usage at work in terms of security reasons and cautious on the websites that you visit. It’s not wise to visit websites with lots of pop-ups because they possibly contain malwares and viruses that can cause your computer to crash or worse to hack the system. Better to avoid this kind of hassle! Also, be mindful with handling your company secrets and passwords.

When you receive a suspicious email, particularly with links and files attached, don’t click them right away without checking. If you have an IT officer who can check it, better seek assistance. 

  • Communication with colleagues. In an old fashioned way, offices tend to have bulletin boards for announcements using a cork board, papers and pins, but with Internet access at work, you can simply post any important notifications and delegate tasks on your company’s online group chat/board.

Check your work email regularly so you won’t miss anything. Reply immediately to emails that need urgent attention. 

  • Plan ahead. It’s a wise move to have an e-calendar and plan ahead the tasks that you want to accomplish in the following week or month. Say, a weekly list with a time table of things-to-do makes you more organized at work. This will save you from the stress of procrastinating.

Google calendar allows you to set schedule and manage time. You can share it with your team as well. This will help every team member up to date and allows them to create and edit events.

  • Avoid engaging in online games. Most companies block websites that contain online gaming or video streaming. If you still can access them, try to avoid these sites to because they can be addictive and may delay you to finishing your tasks. If you happen to get bored at work, go back to number 1, 2, 3 and 4. Haha!

Hopefully, these help you in becoming a better, tech-savvy employee. There are so much more that you can do to use the Internet wisely at work, just keep in mind that whatever things you do on your free time,, it should benefit you and the company.

Have a great day!


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