Call Center Work – An introduction

Being one of the largest industries in the country today, call center work has become a sought-after career by Filipinos.

At present, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a call center as, “an office equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls for an organization (such as a retailer, bank, or marketing firm) especially for taking orders or for providing customer service.”

In the Philippines, a career in the call center industry guarantees the first time employee an average salary of around P15,000. Not a bad take-home pay for a first job.

But what exactly is the primary job of a call center agent? What services do call centers provide? What benefits await applicants who dream of having a career in the call center industry.

Here are some information which you need to be aware of before joining the call center workforce in the Philippines and before having a full-time career as call center agent.


A call center is an office set up to handle large volume of telephone calls, especially for taking orders and providing customer services.

According to, “Some companies have in-house call centers. These call centers are part of the company itself.”

“Other companies often contract call center companies here in the Philippines to hire, train, and manage employees that will represent them. This is usually the type of call centers operating in the Philippines.”

As an example, “Company X hires a call center in the Philippines. Company X gives the specifications and requirements to the call center. The call center will now hire, train and manage employees that will represent Company X doing call center work by communicating with their clients.”


There are actually two positions that await an applicant hoping to have a career in the call center industry

  1. Inbound Agent – An inbound call center agent’s job is to accept calls and reply to whatever questions the caller or customer may have regarding the product or services which the principal may be offering.
  2. Outbound Agent – An outbound call center agent’s job, on the other hand, is to contact a prospective client to provide the latter with information regarding the principal’s services.


The Principal is the company who hires the call center.

The main purpose of the company in hiring the call center company is to save money. They do not have to buy office equipment and they do not have to hire the call center agents themselves to do the call center work.

Another reason why the company would take the services of the call center rather than do the work themselves is lower pay rates.

Let’s say a local US company hires a worker from the US to answer queries regarding their products, they would need to pay the American employee around $10 an hour which is P534 here in the Philippines.

This is P534 per hour multiplied by eight hours which would be P4,272 per eight hour work. If we multiply this by 24 days, the monthly take home pay of a US call center agent would be around P102,000.

If the US company hires a call center from the Philippines to do the same thing, the call center agent is legally required to be paid an amount of around P15,000 for a regular employee subject to increase upon regularization after a few months.

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