Celebrate Father’s Day Without Spending Too Much

(And other thrift Father’s Day gift ideas)

In honor of every paternal figure in the world, Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates but always on every third Sunday of June.

This year in the Philippines, it’s June 16th and always a perfect day to treat dad to a day of making beautiful memories with his children.

You might be thinking: A necktie? A coffee mug? Laptop or the latest Apple wristwatch? His favorite expensive cologne? A reclining chair?

What else to make dad smile and make this year’s celebration an extra special one?

Some children celebrate Father’s Day grandiosely and go all the way to throwing an elaborate event for their dads, because why not? They can afford it anyway.

But if you’re within a budget, don’t worry because however you may note this occasion, dad would certainly appreciate your efforts.

Create a childhood photo series with dad. You can compile photos from your infancy to present that display all the great times with dad.

Show a timescale of your wonderful life with dad in an illustrative series that you can frame and surprise him with.

Dad will surely be washed over with nostalgia on how he shaped you into becoming the person that you are and look back at the sweet time when you were small and clingy.

Your photo series can also be done in a montage-type of a video clip if you’re a techie and include some music for a more emotional touch.

What are dad’s favorite songs? Or perhaps a song that he used to sing to you when you were little. Let your creative juices flow in making this a special and memorable piece.

Good old-fashioned DIY crafts. The bookstore and art supplies store are full of materials that will give you plenty of ideas on how to create something for dad.

Here’s an idea: You may want to make a list of “Things I Love About My Dad” and design a layout for it on a fancy paper or board.

Release your inner artist and be limitless in forming your craft. You can paint dainty flowers or stick tiny photos of dad on the sides of your list and have it framed too, ready to be displayed on his office table or wall.

Aside from “Things I Love About My Dad” list, you may also compose a poem for him, if that’s what you prefer to put on your DIY craft.

Whip up dad’s favorite meal. How else to make a man feel spoiled and loved than through his tummy?

The idea of taking dad to a fancy restaurant is easier, but you can pinch your budget with a home-cooked dinner that displays a labor of your love.

Fire up that grill. Make the ambience extra special by adding simple decors like a banner on the wall that says “Happy Father’s Day” on your setting. It could be done in the garden for a rough outdoor vibe.

Don’t forget dad’s favorite dessert and drinks to be served after the hearty meal you prepared.

Cap out the night by popping a film or a sports show on TV that dad might love to see after dinner. Hand him his favorite beer, and enjoy watching it together.

Take dad to a relaxing spa. If you’re not fastidious at all, there are many spas that are affordably ambient that offer a range of P250-350 per hour of service.

Dad has been working hard and he deserves this pampering treatment; and if he doesn’t feel like going out, a massage home service is available.

Book this service in advance because most spas will be fully booked on a Sunday, especially on Father’s Day. You might also avail of a special Father’s Day discount if you do.

Take dad to a nature trip. Does dad enjoy fishing or probably a hike? Is he a water person that would enjoy a jet ski or a camping type? Give him the time of his life.

You may also go biking for a sporty bond with dad. Pack his favorite sandwiches and beverages and have fun under the sun. Don’t forget dad’s hat, extra shirt, sunscreen, and water bottle.

If you both are not the athletic type, an early evening walk in the park or simply reading a book on a bench with him can be special. Stargazing afterwards would be pleasant.

Make this day a stress-free one for dad. A time with you spent in nature is an absolute stress-beater.

Take dad to a sports bar. Unwind with dad and visit a sports bar or a brewery.

Sports bars have a lot of fun stuff in store like billiard tables, dart boards and arcades with sports shows on TV monitors that you both can enjoy the night away into.

Be a buddy and clink a few bottles of beer with dad while playing pool and let him win in games. Share a lot of laughters and good times as if he’s with his best friend.

Enjoy some burgers and fries or perhaps grilled ribs in between games with your beers and make this an unforgettable date with dad.

Take dad to karaoke. Rev up dad into channeling his inner concert king. A karaoke set up at home could also be nice, given the perfect atmosphere.

Music is therapeutical and singing your lungs out is a perfect way to destress, so line up dad’s favorite songs to belt out on karaoke.

Include your whole family in this celebration to gather more of dad’s fans to cheer for him. Don’t forget to take some of dad’s requested songs for you to sing to him lovingly.

For those who are in Manila, there will be a Father’s Day Free Storytelling at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street at 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. You may also take your small siblings to have fun with free glitter tattoos.

May you find your own special celebration style for the most special man in your life. Shower dad with all the love, compassion and attention he deserves and treat him as the King that he is.

Happy Father’s Day to all our great dads from Palayan City Business Hub!

Kath Borja
Content Writer

Kath Borja is a fanatic of Logic, Science, Arts and Literature. An advocate of peace and feminism. Moon worshipper. Writer, performance artist and master of ceremonies.

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