Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Work

It’s the love month! What are you doing on the 14th of February? Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, which is a working day.

We like celebrating it by expressing our love and affection to our loved ones, family, friends and colleagues by means of dining out. Some want to sip some wine or present gifts and flowers to each other.

Some may take chances celebrating it early or after by reserving table at restaurant on the weekend but we cannot resist commemorating Valentine’s on the day itself. Love is simply all around us to ignore it.

Typically, Valentine’s Day is clichéd to having a partner to romantically celebrate it with, and others prefer to just ignore it, but this day is also a perfect holiday to raise the spirit of love and joy in your working environment.

There are numerous ways to spread the love but here are some of them you may do:

Harana (serenade). A website called Harana.ph caters to people who wish to serenade them right in their office with a singer and accompaniment, typically, a guitarist. Having a live unplugged music going around your office for about 10-15 minutes sure does pick everyone up for a lovely mood!

Attire. Dress up for a Valentine-themed day, like incorporating the color red in your working attire.

Decors. What’s Valentine without the good old red cardboard cutouts of hearts and cupids taped to desks and walls? Twist it up by throwing in some flowers, lollipops or balloon-shaped cutouts.

Cupcakes. Cupcakes are great and a sweet way to make someone smile. If you can bring a couple of boxes to work to give away to your officemates that would, no doubt, brighten up their day.

Virtual cards. Send a group email with fun and colorful virtual Valentine’s cards to your officemates.

Missive. Everything old-fashioned when it comes to love is an elegant, classic way of expression. A simple note with a handwritten greeting on post-its that you can stick on your workmates’ desks is a gesture not to be underestimated. Add some cute doodles of hearts and bears right there too.

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Flowers and chocolates. Well, Valentine’s won’t be Valentine’s without some good old-fashioned flowers and chocolates, will it? You may cost-cut by giving away chocolate roses! Single chocolate rose can be bought at any cakes and pastries shops anywhere.

Candy-hunting. A simple game of candy hunting to boost everyone’s Valentine spirit will be fun. You can hide bars of chocolates in corners or tape them under tables or chairs and make a group chat announcement about it. That will excite everyone!

Appreciation and Compliments. Most importantly, a gesture of appreciation or complimenting your co-workers for a job well done or simply arriving early and made up for work means you are detailed with their small efforts they put into their jobs.


However you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work as long as you spend it making others happy, feel loved and appreciated, can break any pressure or stress you’ve been undergoing lately. It can promote a more harmonious relationship with your colleagues as well, making this holiday a light-spirited day at work.

One thing more, if your boss would allow some wine after dark, before heading home at the end of the day, have a glass in hand and make a toast to seal the day off. So, cheers!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Enjoy and have fun!

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