Christmas Gift Ideas For BPO Employees

Last November we provided readers with suggestions on what gifts they should give their colleagues this Christmas. This time we will be more specific and give great Christmas gift ideas for employees working in BPO companies and call centers.

We all know that call center workers and BPO employees are well-known for being busy workers with stressful work habits.

Even when they get home after a tiring and nerve-wracking day at the office, they still cannot get their mind off work and the pressure is still there. More often than not, their family life is likewise affected. This is one of the primary reasons, next to lack of sleep, why most of the workers employed in BPO companies and call centers are usually edgy and always in the hyperactive mode.

These are the issues and concerns which the gift-giver should thus consider when looking for Christmas gifts for call center agents and BPO employees. The target, therefore, is to look for gifts that will ultimately make the call center employee or BPO worker calm, comfortable and stress-free.

To ensure that the Christmas present will be appreciated by the often stressed and “ngarag” BPO employee, these relaxing gifts ideas are some of our suggestions:

SCENTED CANDLES – Nothing can beat the stress busting abilities of scented candles the most popular of which is the scent of lavender. Studies show that lavender has several components like camphor, linalool, and flavonoids among others, which produces stress-relieving properties. Aside from lavender, “rose” and “chamomile” scents are likewise relaxing smells which will definitely take the haggard and jittery call center agent to seventh heaven.

The scented candles may be placed inside cute and petite mason jars (which are readily available in supermarkets and groceries) with ribbons or other Christmas ornaments. These small tokens will surely be appreciated by the BPO employee longing for some peace and quiet outside his or her work.

MICROWAVEABLE SCENTED RELAXING PILLOWS – These very relaxing pillows comes in all shapes and sizes. Call center employees and BPO workers can use it during their travels to and from work, whether driving their own cars or even while commuting.

Just like the scented candles, these super stress busters can be scented with lavender, rose or chamomile to relieve tension and anxiety. These stress-fighting pillows are usually filled with suitable fillers such as feed corn, uncooked rice, oatmeal, barley, flax seeds or beans. A few drops of scented oil are usually added to the fillers for a relaxing scent. Before using the pillow, simply microwave it for two to three minutes. Other scents may also be used like ilang-ilang, rosemary or geranium.

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MUG WARMERS – There is nothing more annoying than your hot piping coffee or tea getting cold in the middle of work and you cannot run off to the pantry and heat it because you have a million things to do in your work area. If you flee or run off to the pantry to heat your drink in the middle of a call, chances are your next salary might be your last.

Good thing there are now portable mug warmers that can easily be placed on top of your table keeping your hot beverage always warm for you even when the AC in the office is set at 16 degrees! This is one of the best gifts you can give your buddy at work and he or she will truly be grateful to you that the next salary won’t be their last.

LOOSE HERBAL TEA – Loose herbal tea sets are quite “in” these days. While you’re at it, aside from the loose herbal tea, you may add the glass pot partnered with the cone shape filter that can be bought from your nearby Japanese thrift shop like Daiso for a bargain.

Simply scoop a spoonful of loose tea and place it in boiling water for about two minutes. Place the cone filter on top of the teapot and pour the boiled water with tea leaves onto the teapot. Voila! Now you’ve got yourself a perfectly brewed tea. Honey may also be added to sweeten the tea. This procedure may also be used with coffee.

Several types of loose tea leaves like peppermint (menthe piperita), chamomile (matricaria recutita), lemon balm (melissa officinalis), passion flower (pasiflora incanata), green tea (camella sinensis), black tea or yellow tea may be included in the set.


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