Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Co-Workers

With Christmas just around the corner, office workers are on the lookout for bargain-friendly stores or tiangge hunting for possible gifts for their co-employees that are easy on the pocket. These Christmas gift ideas for your co-workers are not only reasonably priced but very practical as well.

Although Christmas presents for the family and loved-ones are always on top of the Christmas list of the average Filipino office worker, it has also been the tradition to exchange presents with office colleagues, to thank them and show their appreciation for the friendship inside the workplace through the years.

Gifts for co-workers need not be expensive or fancy, and as the cliché goes, “It’s the thought that counts.”

To help you with your Christmas gift list, we compiled suggested inexpensive gifts that will surely enliven the Christmas spirit inside the office without straining the budget and leaving extra cash for the family’s Noche Buena and gifts for their inaanak (godchild).

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for your co-workers:

MIST SCREEN CLEANERS – These kick-ass mini-bottle sprayers will definitely be a hit among colleagues. It can be used to clean and sanitize laptop monitors, mobile phone screens, and even LED or LCD television screens. It is easy to carry and fits even in small bags and most purse. More importantly, they are priced at below P200.

TEA TREE OIL SOAP –Another sure hit among co-workers is the Tea Tree Oil Soap. Priced at P85.54 per bar at The Body Shop, this soap moisturizes the face which is just what a regular 9-5 employee needs after a hard day’s work. According to a reviewer of the, “It was a good way to help avoid acne as well, that was what I thought because I noticed that I did not have serious acne when I used this for another month. No more serious acne for me, even if my period was coming, which was nice, and great. Which meant I did not have to buy another expensive acne treatment because I can just rely on it and nothing else.”

“Of course it was drying to the skin, so it was not even perfect or anything, but that just can counteracted by using a nice moisturizer afterwards, which was not a problem to me because the moisturizer I was using back then was also good, it was lightweight and not that greasy to my skin,” she continued.

PERSONALIZED MUG – Nothing can get more personal than a personalized mug. Either sketch the name of your co-worker on the mug or write a saying or humorous quote. This will surely be a smash among co-workers. Above all, you will always be remembered by your co-employee every time they use the mug long after Christmas is over.

MASON JAR GARDEN – For the environmentalist officemate, nothing will give them more happiness and satisfaction than to receive a mini garden that they can put on their office table. Aside from being low-priced and economical, it is eco-friendly and may also doubly be used as a paper weight. Here is the partial procedure on how to make a mason jar garden from BuzzFeed (Make An Adorable Herb Garden With Old Glass Jars).

1. Add about 1-2 inches of rocks, gravel, pebbles, or marbles to your glass jar. Then, fill the jar with potting mix, leaving some space at the top for more potting mix after planting the seeds, about 1 inch.
2. Plant herbs seeds of choice* and top with a small handful of potting mix. Lightly water the top of the soil.
3. Place indoor near a windowsill or on a countertop that receives ample sunlight. Be sure to read instructions on the back of the herb seed packet for proper maintenance.
4. Watch your herbs start to grow!
5. For instant plants, you can also buy grown herbs like parsley, lavender or sage and simply transfer it to the mason jar.

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! – Finally, if you have not done your shopping and Christmas is just a few days away, the best solution is to buy the all-time favorite Christmas goodies that never go out of style. Leche flan, ube, macaroons, ensaymada or fruit baskets are the best choices for this holiday season.

You may find kakain from Nueva Ecija as another option for your Christmas gift. If you want something not sweet and good to match with rice, longganisa from Nueva Ecija is recommended. (Make sure to give it when gift-giving in the office is just a few days away.) The province is known for this food, thus, it owned the moniker “Longganisa Capital of the Philippines”.

If you want to surprise your co-workers by showing off your baking skills, there are a lot of easy recipes of cakes and patries on the internet that are presented in a very simple manner that even first-timers can bake like professionals.

We can add more Christmas gift ideas but these five are among the best gifts you can give to your co-workers. Enjoy shopping this Christmas season.

If you are thinking of escaping the busy Metro Manila this coming Christmas holiday, get some ideas on our blog post “4 Reasons to Spend Holidays in Palayan City“.

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