Free Medicines Palayan City Residents

Good news for Palayan City residents in Nueva Ecija.

Palayan residents who are declared “indigents” by the city’s Social Welfare and Development office can now avail of free prescribed generic medicine through a health card issued by the Rianne Cares Health Program.

The project is the brainchild of Palayan City Mayor Rianne Joson-Cuevas and is privately funded through the generosity of Creative Pacific Corporation, a non-government organization involved in social work.

“The Rianne Care Program is our company’s way of giving back to our community in Palayan City,” said a spokesman for the Creative Pacific Corporation.

About 1,000 poor families will benefit from the health card program in the form of free medicines provided that these are covered by doctors’ prescriptions and the medicines will be of the generic type.

Launched last June 11, health cardholders have only two steps to follow: First, go to a medical doctor for consultation, diagnosis, and drug prescription. Second, obtain the free medicine from the Rianne Cares accredited pharmacies.

There are two partner drug stores: Power Pharma Drug Store in Barangay Caimito; and Botika Gabriel in Barangay Caballero.

The Rianne Cares partner drugstore will first check the card of the indigent and the prescription through a tablet, which is hooked up on the call center managed by the Creative Pacific Corporation.

After the verification is done, the medicine is dispensed to the indigent cardholder for free. There is no limit to the value that the indigent can purchase provided it is covered by prescription.

The health card, which has a validity of one year and must be renewed before April 1 each year, covers the medicine requirement of the indigent, including the spouse and children who are still minors.

The Rianne Cares program will also give access to medical treatment to all indigents in Palayan City as well as access to nutrition programs for undernourished children and foundation education for day care students.

Aside from health care, the Rianne Cares program will also give scholarships both for technical-vocational and collegiate courses to deserving students who will be studying in schools located inside the Palayan City Business Hub.

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