How to Ace Your Job Interview

Are you trying to prepare for a job interview? Are you a fresh-grad or just simply transitioning in your career life? How do you accumulate the confidence you need for a successful job interview?

Mid-year has entered and around this time is the usual time-period for job-hunting.

You may want to train yourself to relax when speaking to other people, so as not to appear too rehearsed when it comes to your job interview.

By doing so, you will develop a conversational skill that screams confidence (not overly though),  flexibility and spontaneity.

Know more about yourself so you can comfortably talk to the interviewee by knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

It’s quite intimidating when being interviewed so it’s best to be well-prepared and confident.

We’ve made a few pointers on how you can ace your job interview appropriately and we hope that the list will help you prepare the best version of yourself for it.

Mind your physical appearance.

Prepare to dress for the part and maintain a good posture. Be mindful how you present yourself because dressing well is a form of good manners. It means that you respect the person you are about to face.

Keep your hair and nails neat and your clothes clean, well-ironed and tidy. Wear comfortable shoes and a subtle scent. Scents do make a good impression but keep it light and fresh.

Wear minimal jewelry and keep it simple to avoid distraction. Don’t forget to smile, it is your best accessory for presenting yourself to people.

Learn about the Company.

Learn about the position you’re applying for and what makes their company your best choice to work for. Google and social media are good references to research about them.

If you have friends working for that company, ask them about the history, background, achievements and goals.

Research their profiles in the industry and also their competitors. You will be confident to tell how you can contribute to the growth of their company when you know about them.

Know why you’re the right person for the job.

If you took time to learn all about yourself, your weaknesses and strengths, your values, skills, goals, and interests, and you feel that you fit perfectly for the position needed, the interview will go smoothly. You will confidently and honestly tell the interviewee why they should hire you and trust your working capabilities.

Practice makes perfect.

Well, there is no such thing as perfect but in people’s minds, there is. You can portray this kind of image if you rehearse being questioned.

Practice with a friend or even in front of the mirror. You can avoid tension by doing this.

Stay calm and avoid cracking inappropriate jokes in an attempt to come back from a mistake. Show off your critical thinking by asking important questions that are relevant to your targeted job.

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Prepare for possible questions.

Sometimes the interviewee would blurt out questions right away upon formally meeting you. It could be a question out of the blue like, “How do you like the weather today? It’s pretty hot, huh?” PLEASE, do not be too comfortable by responding aggressively like you totally hate the weather and complain!

Try to be a positive ray of sunshine in that room by replying gently and speaking of what’s great about the heat, like “Yes, it’s actually faster to dry the laundry out.” Add some pleasant laughter. It could mean that it’s the beginning of testing out how you respond, or sometimes a test of character.

Honesty is the best policy.

Make sure that whatever information you put in your Curriculum Vitale is truthful. Your credibilty relies on this. You never know when the interviewee would pick something out of it and ask you to elaborate on it.

For example, you don’t want to stutter if you put in your CV that you have a musical background and you won’t be able to explain what a G clef is. Don’t lie about other little information like your weight or height or like, attended an educational institution when you didn’t.

Besides, keeping honesty is easier than spinning a web you won’t get out of. You don’t want the interview to feel like an interrogation.

Think positively and keep yourself composed.

Again, maintain good posture, this shows confidence and self-composure. Don’t forget to breath so you can have a calm conversation with the interviewee.

Smiling instantly makes you feel good so don’t forget about that either.

Avoid negative thoughts beforehand that can make you feel nervous and break your confidence. Trick your mind that you are the perfect person for this job and you are, step by step, doing well during the interview.

Pat yourself on the back after a successful meeting!

Body language, manners and etiquette.

When having a conversation, maintain eye contact and keep your hands moving in the motion of open palms. This creates a good impression that you are open and honest.

Avoid clenching your hands or purse. Put down your bag; don’t let it sit on your lap.

Avoid crossing your legs. If you get tired of keeping them together while sat down, simply cross your feet, put the other behind another.

Display good etiquette and be polite. Your good social behavior is a big factor to consider into letting you into their company.

What to avoid:

  • Being rude.
  • Being late.
  • Oversharing
  • Eating smelly food before the interview.
  • Partying and drinking the night before the big day.
  • Talking bad about a former boss or co-workers.
  • Smoking on the way to the interview (if you’re a smoker).
  • Too much flashy jewelry.
  • Grasping handshake (make it firm and release fast).

Display kindness and gratitude for giving you their time when bidding goodbyes.

There you go. Believe in yourself and you are on your way to a successful job interview. Don’t feel bad if you’ve waited and didn’t get a callback. It means that there are more opportunities for you to venture and more practice in job interviews until you land in the most perfect job you dreamed of.

If you feel the need for more preparations like, having a dental prophylaxis for a more flashy smile, or getting your hair done or even a self-review of speech lessons, then go for it.

Good luck!

Kath Borja
Content Writer

Kath Borja is a fanatic of Logic, Science, Arts and Literature. An advocate of peace and feminism. Moon worshipper. Writer, performance artist and master of ceremonies.

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