How To Beat Stress When Working Night Shift In A Call Center

Call center agents and other workers of the stress-prone Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry are essentially required to be courteous, respectful and mild-mannered at all times when talking over the phone answering customer’s queries.

At the outset, during the training sessions, future call center agents and trainees of the BPO industry are instructed to always be amiable during their conversations with the client no matter what.

First impressions count a lot, especially in the BPO industry and this is the reason why the BPO workforce must always converse in a happy and contented tone even if they feel stressed and under the weather.

Therefore, one of the main job descriptions for BPO workers assigned in graveyard shifts is that they must always be stress-free and relaxed to stay in the game. This principal requirement of adjusting to their Circadian rhythm (the body’s internal clock) poses a major problem to newly-hired call center agents or workers in the BPO industry who must learn to modify his or her sleeping pattern.

Sleep experts explain that changes in the body’s internal clock or sleep/wake cycle may have a risk of affecting a person’s brain function and metabolism which, as a result, may affect the worker’s ability to communicate smoothly with the client.

If the tone of an agent’s voice is inferior or imperfect, because of lack of sleep or stress, this will definitely be reflected in their spiel with the customer on the other end of the line.

For some, the disruption of the body’s internal body clock may not be a problem. But for majority of the workers in the BPO industry, working at graveyard shift for the first time may be a bit tricky.

To beat stress when working night shift at a BPO industry, medical practitioners as well as veteran call center agents and workers of the BPO industry recommend performing certain practices or work habits that will lessen the stress and pressures relating to sleep deprivation due to work.

Here are some tips that can minimize the burden and inconvenience of the novice BPO worker to help them get by the first few months of their new-found career in the BPO industry.


DRINK PLENTY OF LIQUID. By liquid this means water. Sleeplessness will definitely dehydrate the agent’s body and there is no better way to rehydrate than to drink plenty of water. Coffee is not considered as water here for purposes of hydration because coffee is a natural diuretic and therefore in the long haul, coffee will make you dehydrated.

However, due to coffee’s natural caffeine component which may help keep the BPO worker alert, a cup before work is not a bad idea. After the first cup of coffee, put the mug away and replace it with a water bottle which you should always keep by your side.

GET A 15-MINUTE POWER NAP. Call centers and BPO companies encourage their support team to take nap breaks for a better and more productive output. Instead of destroying turrets or ganking the enemies playing MOBA, the wiser option is to take a short siesta and wake up to a more refreshed and rejuvenated mode.

STICK TO YOUR NEW SLEEP PATTERN.  Once you have adjusted to your new sleep pattern of active by night and slumber by day schedule, do not change this arrangement. Even during the weekends, though there may be no work during the nighttime, do not be enticed to sleep in the evenings. If you go back to your old sleeping habits during weekends and revert to the new sleep schedule on weekdays, you will be more stressed since it is very hard to change sleeping patterns twice a week.

EXERCISE REGULARLY. At the work station while seated or at the gym after work, exercise should be done regularly. This is one of the best ways to keep the blood circulation in tiptop shape. Short and simple stretches while there are no callers or meditations while seated in the comfort of your work chair are the best moves during the shift. After work, there are gyms now operating 24/7 to cater to the workers of the BPO industry.

WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER! The motto popular among call center agents and other workers in the BPO industry in the Philippines is “WORK HARD! PLAY HARDER! This is the slogan which majority of call center agents and other workers in the BPO industry in the Philippines live by what with the chaotic job description, challenging duties and responsibilities as well as unusual work schedules they face every work day.

LOVE YOUR WORK. In order to stay healthy, physically and morally fit to work in this industry the worker should enjoy the work. It is therefore very essential for the BPO employee to stay happy while doing the job. In the first few months of doing night shift, it is understandable that the first-time graveyard shifter is stressed and uptight. All these edginess and restless feeling will, however be transformed with cheerfulness later when the salary is received.

The monthly pay is usually thousands of pesos greater than the minimum wage of an average Filipino employee and this is the main motivation for the large volume of applicants in the call center and BPO industry in the country.

At the Sutherland Global Service located inside the Palayan City Business Hub (PCBH) in Palayan City, Nueva Ecija, the more than 1,700-seater business process transformation company is about to start in a few months. In fact, Sutherland has already provisionally hired applicants for the position of Customer Service Representatives (CSR) who are now temporarily assigned at the company’s Tarlac office. They will directly be transferred at the PCBH office once operation starts.

Sutherland PCBH newly hired CSRs and potential future applicant should take note of these guidelines and quick tips for a better work experience at Sutherland – PCBH branch.

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