ICT | Importance Of Information And Communications Technology

“Everything is in your hands” through modernity and technology. What a time to be alive!

The modern and digital age has majorly shifted the ways of people’s lives, given the quantity of Internet users, in terms of mass communications media, networking, accessing information, education, doing businesses, and personal lives among others. It is factual that we are living in a constantly evolving technological world and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) has a very important role in this digital era.

ICT enables economic development with millions of online transactions in an easy and fast method. For instance, we run our daily lives by getting connected with our friends, family, colleagues and relatives through our computers, tablets and smartphones by means of email, instant messaging, call and video conferences, etc. ICT acts as a backbone for these.

ICT is responsible for the study, development, implementation, storage and distribution of information through the use of hardware and software as a means of computer system. This includes all computer systems, also cellular phones, television, radio, digital newspapers, etc. In other words, it deals with the use of computers and computer applications to transform, store, manage, protect, disseminate and locate data necessary for any human activity.

Technological instrumentation is a priority in today’s communication, since communication technologies are the difference between a developed and a developing civilization. It has greatly impacted our way to communicate because global time, space and distance are now not factors, be it you’re in an Urban or Rural areas.

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For example, someone who doesn’t have a television or a radio but has a smartphone can now get their doses of entertainment, information (TV shows, radio applications) and news in just a click. For this reason, we talk about the involvement of ICT in social structure.

When it comes to the education industry, the significant role of ICT adds value, effectiveness and advantages by adding magnitude to the teaching-learning process that was not available in the past. It enhances learning environment that makes studying more stimulating and engaging to students and teachers. It also improves educational system, like the teaching-learning to assessment and evaluation.

ICT aids in literacy movements, which makes an effective and efficient teaching-learning process and interaction of teachers, students and parents. It encourages motivation, independence and self-responsibility for the students. Home-schooling or online schooling is another great example of convenience that ICT contributes to our lives. Students are now more conveniently self-sustained and motivated with active learning, given the time flexibility with the function of ICT.

ICT is a powerful tool to facilitate electronic activities by processing and transmitting information to provide developing civilizations the opportunity to meet city or country development goals, such as in education, health and wellness, accelerate economic growth and the fight against illiteracy and poverty.

Nonetheless, the reason that it helps with the future of developing countries. Moreover, the IT (Information Technology) industry continues to grow; therefore, improving world-class resources for economy development and ICT is a major factor in improving the quality of our lives, notably by contributing to rapid technological progress and increasing productivity level that helps power the competitive economy.

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ICT has completely changed the landscape of businesses, not just the face of the Education industry, internationally through web strategy. In the business environment, it is used for recording, storing, manipulating and retrieving data. It is also used in administration, communication, finance and accounting, financial forecasting, auditing, and market analysis among others.

In Engineering and Creative Art (2D and 3D drawing, modeling and simulation), travel and hotel bookings, and GPS, ICT becomes an important part.

Faster and real-time business transactions save time and money. That’s another benefit of ICT.

It enables customers, distributors and suppliers to interact through various communication technology, such as the Internet; hence, the great advantage of providing users they need to carry out tasks efficiently, all these, with the support of ICT. As a matter of fact, many businesses now are endorsing their products on the Internet. They also do the transactions, online banking payments through the Web, and track deliveries.

ICT is vital, if you wish to get on in life. Whether it’s on a social, personal or a professional levels.

DICT (Department of Information and Communications Technology) in Nueva Ecija will soon open at the Palayan City Business Hub.

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