Interview Tips on Getting Your First Call Center Job

Ask any Filipino what they think is the most lucrative employment in the country today and the answer would most probably be a call center job.

Almost every Filipino has a family member or friend who works in a call center.

At present, there are more than 1.2 million Filipinos working in the BPO industry in the Philippines. In fact, the Philippines has long been considered as the call center capital of the world!

According to Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) chairman Benedict Hernandez, “…the Philippines continues to be the largest location for delivery of contact services in the rest of the world. So as an outsourcing destination, we continue to dominate the number 1 spot as a country. There is no close number 2. We continue to be number 1 in terms of market share.”

As proof to this statement, the BPO industry has now spread its operations outside Metro Manila and has found its way to the rural areas of Central Luzon.

At present, there are 3 business hubs in Central Luzon where call centers operate round the clock comprising of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), Clark Freeport Zone, and the Palayan City Business Hub (PCBH).

But just because the Philippines is considered as the premier destination of BPO firms worldwide does not necessarily mean it is very simple and easy to enter the call center industry as a call center agent.

An applicant who dreams of having a call center job still needs to pass the challenging and not so simple interview and screening process of the contact services firm for them to enter the world of the BPO industry.

Here are some helpful call center job interview tips:

DRESS PROPERLY. Call center interviewers expect the applicants to look good. It is therefore a good idea to go to the interview wearing a business or casual dress code. The company usually informs the applicant what type of dress to wear so if the applicant is required to wear a business casual or business-formal attire, wear tie and suit for male applicants and blazer for female.

BE PREPARED. Call center interviewers usually ask applicants to describe themselves. Make it a point to have an answer to this question even before you go to the interview for a more relaxed and straight to the point reply.

ARRIVE EARLY. Nothing is more pleasing to the prospective employer than an employee who is punctual. Arriving on time will also give you more minutes to take a breath and think about what you will say in the interview.

SMILE ALWAYS. Smiling will give you confidence and will definitely bring a good atmosphere in the interview. When you smile at the interviewer, they will smile back at you and this will make you more confident in answering their questions.

RESEARCH THE CALL CENTER COMPANY. It is best that the applicant applying for the position of call center agent knows enough about the BPO company he or she is applying for so that any questions regarding the company’s operation can be answered sufficiently by the applicant.

DO NOT FORGET THE INTERVIEWER’S NAME AND FIRMLY SHAKE THEIR HANDS. The interviewer could be your future boss, it is best for the applicant to know their names and shake their hands. This gives a lasting impression to the interviewer.

BE CONFIDENT. Do not slouch. Answer the interviewers question with confidence and integrity.

BE HONEST. Lastly, always answer honestly and truthfully. If an applicant for a call center job does not tell the truth, the interviewer will surely figure this out when he conducts follow-up questions. Nothing is more humiliating than the interviewer finding out that the applicant’s statements are false and untrue.

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