Miley Cyrus’ The Climb – One of the Most Popular Graduation Songs

A compilation of some of the best graduation songs


Graduation is one of the most memorable and emotional moments in life. The commencement exercises bring a lot of reminiscence, at the same time, hopes for the future. It’s almost like a rite of passage that one has to experience to grow. We get emotional for bidding farewell to everything and everyone that has been a part of our growth.

Have you decided on which graduation song to use? We made a compilation of some of the best and one of the most popular is The Climb.

The Climb by Miley Cyrus is one of the motivational favorites. This ballad is a powerful reminder of the importance of keeping focused despite a rocky journey in life because it’s about what’s waiting on the other side.

Most often, the years we spent in school were the times that we forge friendships that we carry throughout our lifetime and in most cases, students sometimes develop a bond with their teachers as we were taught that our teachers and professors stand as our second parents outside our homes.

Given the time spent in school, our teachers’ role extend not only as educators, but also as compassionate figures that worry when we feel sick, get hurt in sports or get emotionally imbalanced. We tend to get attached to some of them to some extent.

The people in our schools are technically the ones we grow up with: our classmates, the faculty, even the security guards, maintenance and cafeteria staff.

How else do we associate our emotions during graduation but with a song? Music is a big part of life. There is an appropriate song for each of our endeavors and success. We must admit, each time that something happened in our lives, we have a special song running at the back of our minds. It’s like a soundtrack and your life is a movie.

Some graduation songs are composed exclusively for some schools, but in general, songs were carefully picked from the already poplular existing ones, and we’ve made a list of some of the best graduation songs of all time that give warm and nostalgic feelings, especially for the graduates of 2019.

Here are some of them:

Fight Song (Rachel Platten).  This is your fight song! You may only have one match but you can make an explosion.


Firework (Katy Perry). Such and inspirational and motivational song. No matter what happens, remember that there is nothing that you can do. Release the firework in you.


I’ll Be There For You (The Rembrandts). A classic one! Popularized by FRIENDS sitcom. You are now going to face the real world, and your friends have your back!


One Step at A Time (Jordyn Sparks). Little steps goes a long way. No need to rush into achieving your dreams. A lot still has to be learned and trust in the process of showing the world who you are.


Graduation Day (The Beach Boys). Oh boy! This one is an amazing classic that never goes old! Your parents probably had this song during their graduation. It’s all about never forgetting this special day and all the memorable things that became a part of your youth.


Farewell (Raymond Lauchengco). An instant classic in the 80s. An OPM definitely for reminiscing old yells and cheers. A song about faring thy well for the meantime but seeing each other again later in life. (Warning: This is a tearjerker.)


Growing Up (Gary Valenciano). “Here’s to the old times and the best of new ones. Here’s to a song of glee. Finding our way from illusions to realities.” Enough said.


I Believe I Can Fly (R.Kelly). The title itself launches you to the flight of your life. Just believe in yourself.


Graduation, Friends Forever (Vitamin C). A bubbly upbeat with a nostalgic touch that talks about moving on and remembering everything you learned in school.


Defying Gravity (Idina Menzel from Wicked). The perfect song for culminating experiences, relationships, and self-discovery. It’s time to defy gravity, take a leap, and chase your dreams!


Next In Line (After Image). As a teenager having an existential crisis in the 90s grunge era, this song is like a youth anthem. Kind of a wistful one, because being unsure of what lies in the future is kind of scary, right? Nevertheless, being the next in line gives you the power to build a better future.


The Journey (Lea Salonga). Finally, The Journey! Uh-huh. The ultimate song about the journey you had and hoping to a lit path to guide you continuously. Forward always forward. Onward always onward.

A graduation song is special because this is the song that we’re going to sing with the whole class at the end of the ceremony. As we sing it altogether, we couldn’t help but cry, to think that this is the very moment that we are saying goodbye to the past and welcoming the future, carrying the torch of our  hopes and dreams.

Now, this list is not all of the greatest graduation songs. There are lots and lots more. Whether you choose The Climb or Fight Song, or any other in our list, you are sure to set with a special graduation song that is appropriate for your class.

There are also more classical ones, and when we say classical, we mean like The Pomp and Circumstance March, which is a graduation staple. Here it is being used in a graduation march.

We hope you enjoyed the list. They are all on Spotify too.  Cheers to all the graduates of 2019 and congratulations!

Kath Borja
Content Writer

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