OFWs’ OEC At The OSSCO Palayan City

Come December 17, 2018, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) at the One-Stop Service Center for OFWs-Palayan City Business Hub (OSSCO-PCBH) will be authorized to issue Overseas Employment Certificates (OEC) to Overseas Filipino Workers.

The OEC, which is also called the “travel exit clearance”, is a certificate or document issued to OFWs intending to leave the country to work abroad. OFWs will not be allowed to exit the country without the OEC. There is a “No OEC, No Exit for OFWs” policy being implemented in all airports all over the country.

Once the OEC is issued to an OFW, the latter has a period of 60 days to depart the country and report for work at this destination country.

The POEA at the OSSCO-PCBH has been opened for several months now but this is the first time it will be releasing the OEC.

For the Balik-Manggagawa Online Processing System, simply log on to this website and follow instructions prompted by the POEA website: http://www.bmonline.ph/

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to obtain the OEC online:

STEP 1 – For New User, register in the system using your personal email account and click the Sign Me Up button. Open your email account to click the confirmation link.

STEP 2 – Log-in as Already Registered user. Enter your last issued OEC number. If no record found, set an Online Appointment.

STEP 3 – If record is found, update your Personal Data, Contract Particulars, and Beneficiaries, as needed.

STEP 4 – Click Acquire OEC or Exemption for online assessment. Enter flight date and confirm if returning to the same employer and jobsite.

STEP 5 – If returning to the same employer and jobsite, the system will display a confirmation message indicating that you are exempted from securing the OEC and payment of processing fee.

STEP 6 – If not, you will be redirected to the Appointment Page. Select your preferred POEA office and schedule for processing of OEC and payment.

Aside from using the OEC as a travel pass to exit the Philippines, there are other benefits which an Overseas Filipino Worker may derive from being an OEC holder.

OEC holders are exempt from paying the travel tax and the airport terminal fees whenever leaving the country. Being considered as the modern heroes, these OFWs are given the privilege of not paying for the travel tax and the airport terminal fees because of their large contributions to the Philippine economy in the form of their remittances, which they send here to their families.

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Let us not forget that the country’s economy is in a better position finance-wise than most countries in Asia because of the continued remittance of our modern day heroes – the Overseas Filipino Workers toiling in other countries just so they can provide better lives for their families they leave behind in the Philippines.

Government records disclose that OFW remittance in 2017 hit an all-time high of $31.29 billion! In December 2017 alone, the OFW total remittances by OFWs from all over the world reached a record high of $3 billion!

The OEC is also the best proof of the legal status of an OFW. Being an OFW, these heroes of our modern time are truly worthy of other privileges. Thus, OEC holders are ensured that they are protected with other aids like government benefits, and protection and assistance.

The OEC may likewise be used as compliance to the requirements for applications for housing loans by OFWs who are prioritized by the Housing agencies of the government, as additional privilege for our modern champions.

According to most websites relating to OECs, the following are the requirements that the OFW should submit to the POEA or its branches nationwide:

1. Valid passport
2. Employment Contract or Offer of Employment (which must be verified and authentic)
3. Work Visa / Work Permit
4. Printed Information Sheet obtained after the online application form is accomplished

For more details on the procedure in obtaining the OEC at the OSSCO-PCBH, please wait for further instructions from us or visit the PCBH Facebook page regularly.

Aside from the OEC, other services of the POEA-OSSCO are the following:

1. OFW Verification System
2. Agency Verification
3. Principal Verification
4. OFW Watchlist Verification
5. Search For Available Job Orders
6. Critical Skills Monitoring

Palayan City Business Hub, officially known as Palayan City Government Center and Business Center Hub registered at PEZA, is the first business hub in Nueva Ecija.

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