Palayan City Profile

Palayan City Profile

The next business hub in Central Luzon

Palayan means rice fields in English. An area where rice is sown, cultivated, and later harvested.
But did you know that Palayan City, the present capital of Nueva Ecija (NE) also known as the rice granary of the country, is not essentially a rice-producing city?

History books talk about how from a simple government stock farm measuring 17,299.80 hectares between Laur and Bongabon, this area, which would later be called the City of Palayan was just an ordinary stockpile of agricultural products.

In 1952, when the leaders of Nueva Ecija (NE) composed of its congressmen and mayors, decided to transfer the seat of power from Cabanatuan (NE’s former capital) to this government stock farm, they agreed to call it PALAYAN despite not being a rice-producing area, since the capital would represent the “Rice Granary of the Philippines”.

At present, processing plants for agri-based industries like organic fertilizer, herbal plants, meat and livestock, corn-based food, commercial warehousing and other agricultural production and warehousing continue to flourish in Palayan City.

While the city, which is occupied by more than 41,041 residents as of August 2015, rely mostly on these agriculture-based businesses, other modern industries like telecommunications and technological industries are slowly gaining popularity in the urban area and its outskirts.

Many believe Palayan City is also a perfect location for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations and other high-tech commercial investments because of its large open flat lands.

Tourists from nearby towns and provinces are also flocking to Palayan City for its famous vacation spots like Mount Taclang Damulag, Pahingahan Complex, and Fort Ramon Magsaysay.

The rolling hills, mountains and other terrains of Mount Taclang Damula is ideal for trekking, hiking or mountain climbing and will surely be an enjoyable treat for the adventurous traveler, while water adventurers can enjoy the man-made lake at the Pahinganhan Complex where they can go kayaking and do other water sports activities.

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