The Booming BPO Industry in the Philippines

Being the most vibrant, exciting and presently one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the country today, the BPO industry in the Philippines has definitely come a long way.

The BPO industry has become the savior of the millions of unemployed Filipinos who used to have difficulty finding suitable employment that was consistent with their educational attainment.

Now, with hundreds of BPO job openings being advertised every single day, any Filipino who understands and speaks English and computer-savvy can have a BPO career anytime.

Heck even former professionals who have opted for early retirement from their former occupation are being hired doing BPO office jobs.

And this is one of the major reasons why the BPO career is very enticing to the Filipinos, applicants of all ages are welcome to apply, as long as they comply with the requirements set forth by the employer.


When the BPO industry in the Philippines was still very young and was just in its initial stage, the main requirement which applicants for these BPO jobs must possess was that they should not be afraid to be assigned in the graveyard shifts.

Since the main clients of the BPO industry back then were composed mainly of foreign callers from the USA, one of the main requirements which an applicant for a BPO job should possess (aside from being articulate in English and computer literate) is that they should be willing to be assigned in the graveyard shift, because of the average 10-hour time difference of the two countries.

But nearly three decades after the first BPO office jobs were given to Filipinos, several countries like Australia, UK, Canada and Japan have likewise become satisfied clients of the BPO industry in the Philippines, thus paving the way for not only graveyard shifts but regular 8-5 employment for workers wanting to have a BPO career.

Foreign investors from these countries, like Australia, Canada, Japan, and the UK, have set up shop in the Philippines now making the BPO industry in the Philippines a 24/7 operation.

Unlike before when the BPO industry in the Philippines only operated during the midnight shift (because of the time difference of the Philippines and the USA), the entry of the other countries in the Philippine setting have made it a round-the-clock business operation for the entire Philippines.

Thus, BPO jobs are now available in the morning for clients living in Australia and Japan, afternoon shifts for the UK accounts and midnight shifts for the US accounts.

At present, the Australia accounts, which have a little time difference with the Philippines now caters to the day schedules of the BPO industry. UK usually covers the mid shift account, which usually covers the 2-12 midnight schedule; while the US still has the graveyard shift.

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