The Three Big Business Hubs in Central Luzon

Central Luzon is gradually becoming the go-to place for big corporate entities which either plan to set up business for the first time or those intending to expand their enterprises in the countryside. In fact, not may people know that there are already three big business hubs in Central Luzon.

The huge and wide plains of Central Luzon make it a perfect site for businesses to establish their companies in these large tracts of land (specifically business centers like Clark Freeport Zone and Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), the two biggest business hubs in Central Luzon at present) instead of putting up with the chaos, maddening crowd and gruesome traffic of Metro Manila.

But wait, making its way to becoming the third business hub in Central Luzon is the Palayan City Business Hub (PCBH) which has recently been officially declared as a Special Economic Zone. At the same time, the three-hectare PCBH complex was also designated as an Information Technology (IT) Park.

Being declared as a Special Economic Zone makes PCBH comparable with the likes of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone and Clark Freeport Zone.

Thus, these three big business hubs in Central Luzon (SBMA, Clark Freeport Zone and the Palayan City Business Hub-PCBH) will definitely help not only its local inhabitants by providing employment, livelihood and a better life for residents, but will likewise absolutely contribute to the country’s economy with the present investors operating in the area in the form of multinational companies and BPO centers as well as projected influx of investments that is already schedule to be established.

The three big business hubs in Central Luzon are projected to earn in the hundreds of millions especially when the 17-station railway from Manila to Clark becomes operational.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has already started the infrastructure project which is being funded through the Official Development Assistance (ODA) from Japan and will be completed in the year 2021.

Once finished, the travel tome from Manila to Clark will drastically be reduced from two hours to a mere 55 minutes, and will accommodate a total of 350,000 passengers daily.

This drastic reduction of travel time from Manila to Clark will definitely make the operation of the three big business hubs in Central Luzon more efficient and productive since even employees from Manila who might be enticed to seek employment in the three big business hubs in Central Luzon will have a more comfortable journey from their home to their work in Central Luzon.

Now, it will be faster to travel from Metro Manila to Central Luzon than from Quezon City to Makati. Imagine that!

High-paying employment and lesser travel time are just some of the attractions which may persuade nearby residents of Central Luzon to work and be employed by the three big business hubs in Central Luzon.


Aside from a comfortable and high-paying employment, Central Luzon likewise boasts of several tourist attractions.

This will be the topic of our next blog. See you soon!

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