Ways To Stay Fresh At Work During Summer

Beat the heat!

It’s summertime! Who doesn’t love Summer? ‘Tis the season for wearing bright colors, cool sunglasses, cute hairstyles, and fun hats!

Summer shouldn’t prevent you from working efficiently, though, because as occupants of a tropical country, we have numerous ways to beat the heat.

Dress for Summer

You may want to ditch polyester and rayon for cotton and linen materials and choose clothes that have high quality fibers. The less natural fibers in a shirt, the less absorbent it’s going to be and would probably produce an unpleasant odor. You don’t want to “smell something like fishy”.

Rumage through your wardrobe and take out all your pieces of clothing with lightweight materials. Light colors should be fun and refreshing to the eyes too. It helps to work in a good mood when in cool shades like yellow, orange, pink, peach, white, baby blue or mint green. Just thinking about it makes us feel breezy.

Opt for light cotton trousers instead of stiff and heavy jeans or denims. This will allow more movement, avoiding that “sticky situations” that can distract us from work, especially if you are commuting. This helps us with less heat-related, unnecessary stress at the workplace.

Hygiene is also a big factor for staying fresh all day long. A cool shower and an anti-perspirant keep yourself fresh and cool to maintain the confidence.

Create Eco-Conscious Work Environment

The common thing to have an eco-conscious work environment is placing a tiny pot or two of indoor plants in your work station. Some put up an island-themed desktop wallpaper. This creates a breezy atmosphere by the illusion of being surrounded with plants and water.

ways to feel fresh at work during summer

Photo credit: Pexels.com

Moreover, do some mini-spring cleaning and de-clutter your desk. A neat work surrounding makes way for a fresh atmosphere that can set your mind off the heat and work more productively.


You can buy a battery-operated, rechargeable and portable mini-fans for a low price to get some air when outside. They are so small that they can fit right in your small bag. They are a great option in contrary to the traditional fan to minimize arm movements if you’re the sweaty type.

summer portable fan | Photo by Wikimedia | Palayan City Business Hub

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

They also are great when you need to work on something that requires the use of your both hands. Just prop them up on your desk, et voila, instant additional breeze while working.

Try to lessen your metal and leather accessories or heavy jewelries. Some of them are not summer-friendly and may cause you discomfort and irritability. Besides, metal and leather absorb heat.

For the ladies, wearing breathable and light makeup to work is advisable. Also, choose light and preppy colors to create a fresh look. Avoid glittery and matte products or dark tones. They are more suitable for the much colder season.

Here’s a sweatproof Summer, everyday makeup sample.

Food, food, food

Choose your snacks wisely. Apples are great for snacking without getting thirsty! You can also place a bunch of oranges on your desk in a pyramid-like form. The citrus-sweet smell, not to mention, the visual, is invigorating and promotes a refreshing vibe.

Frozen fruits are excellent for bringing along to the office. Freeze bite-sized slices of watermelon, pineapple, kiwi or grapes in a resealable bag for a few hours. So, what is your favorite tropical fruit?

If you’re not a big fruit-eater, fresh fruit juice is a great treat substitute for soda that can further get you dehydrated. Avoid heavily-caffeinated or sugary beverages, which can all raise your body temperature.

You also may want to steer clear of hot and spicy food, like spicy hot noodles. They quickly build internal heat up that can make you uncomfortable while working. Remember to keep hydrated.

Speaking of hydration, you may want to bring along your very own eco-friendly reusable water bottle all the time. It’s a great idea to freeze some water in it overnight to take to work. Just freeze half a bottle so you can fill and refill it with liquid all day long.

ways to feel fresh at work during summer | Photo by Julia Sakelli from Pexels | Palayan City Business Hub

Photo by Julia Sakelli from Pexels

Other ways to beat the heat

For outdoor workers, pay attention to the heat index, take reasonable precautions and avoid sunburn by using sunscreen products. Try to stay under the shades as much as you can to let your body recover from the heat under sun exposure and wear a hat. Don’t forget your water bottle and bring along a towelette or an extra clean shirt.

Don’t forget the music. A bouncy background music with beach-y vibes keeps you in a bubbly mood. It’s relaxing and calming, keeping our body temperatures at a low bay. Besides, the heat tend to make some people a little grumpy, so here’s a song to tickle your mood.

A face mist is a cool savior in a bottle. Oh, it’s just distilled cool water (sometimes mildly scented or comes with nourishing plant extracts) in a small spray bottle that you can spritz all over your face and on the back of your neck, in case the temperature calls for it. These facial mists are really handy and nice to have.

Keep hydrated

Before we go, we’d also like to remind you to keep an eye on your co-workers. Offer them a frozen fruit or remind them on their water intake.

Heat stroke is a serious illness. As well as heat rash and heat cramps, so take extra precautions in doing physical activities. Take break times and slow down if you must. It’s very important that we do our best to keep our bodies hydrated under the extreme temperature.

Now, one last piece of advice for getting through Summer at work: Enjoy it like any other seasons. Happy Summer, everyone!

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